heyhey ,,

plz read for info :3

This website isn't anything special .. like at all. I just want it to be a little space for me where i can share topics and interests of mine.. ( including how much i love 707 ).. ahem. Anyways. This site can be seen on mobile ( i think ), but its preferably for computer. OH! and erm, the site style / theme might change a bit.. currently its set my pookie bear 707 hehewahuehauhuhHUAYG37HQWEBG

But uhh, anyways. Im really into computer science / coding, and i feel like neocities would be a great-ish start? I mean, ive worked with this kind of stuff before, so im not entirely new. I find coding really cool. I find it kinda funny how my father was also into that LOLOLOL..

Also literally like most of this website isnt done like at all LOL only this page i think.. i pinky promise im working on my "about me" board lolol.. ( you might not wanna trust me when i say that because the last time i did i forgot about it for like 3 months) BUT i promise i wont forget this time!!! aha. Plus, i have plans for everything !!!! (this time)...

I know it looks kinda basic rn, im sorry lololol... im gonna fix the background and add blinkies / possibly more emojis + change sum colors.. so yeah!! ill let ya know when i do that. And i wont give up this time!!! Maybe. Anyways, plz stay tuned :D But before you go.. read the message all the way on the top. its so so so very important hehe..

hey hey, finally working on this.

hallo :3